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Coaching Requirements    Consult the NY District and USAH
website to  stay current on the changes  and implementation.   To summarize:

1. Age Modules and current CEP are still  required. 

2. Deadlines remain the same nationally 12/31 of  the current season. The NY District deadlines  also remain in effect.   

3. Continuing education will be implemented: 

4. Once Level 4 is achieved, coaches will need to  complete 5 credit hours of Continuing  Education within each subsequent three‐year  period 

5. Effective in the 2021‐2022 season, coaching  certification at Levels 4 and 5 is valid for three  (3) seasons, as indicated by the expiration  date. Before the expiration of their level,  coaches must accumulate 5 credit hours of  continuing education by either taking Level 5,  or by attending other USA Hockey Continuing  Education clinics.

Current Certification Guidelines

• The Level 4 clinic was changed to a one-day event with a cost of $60.00 (the same as Level 1-3).

• A coach is required to advance one level each year. Level 1 must complete Level 2 the following season, and so on until they achieve Level 4 certification. Note that 8U coaches can remain at Level 1 until they start coaching another level (10U or above).

• Once a coach reaches Level 4 or 5, they will go into Continuing Education which requires five continuing education credits over a three-year period. A menu of continuing education courses will be available later in the fall.

Note - Coaches who complete their Level 4 or 5 certification before the start of the 2021-22 season and are not coaching a Tier I or Tier II team will be “grandfathered” and will not have to take additional courses but are encouraged to continue their education as well.


Use this link to find a CEP Class.
Keep in mind you can do a virtual class in any state. Search level needed and use all


This link will bring you to Safesport  Training for 1st timers and to the refresher for  Coaches and Managers who have already completed a training course in the past.



The WNY Wolves  look to provide an opportunity to every Youth in the surrounding communities to participate and become skilled in the sport of ice hockey.

2024 2025 Season Whalers & Wolves Sponsors

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Silver Level Sponsors

Frey Electric - Squirt 10U

President's Message - Exciting News

Hello to all players, parents, friends and fans of the Mustangs/Wolves and Whalers Hockey. 

WNY Wolves has some exciting news about making the new Tonawanda Rink our home.

A group of very dedicated Tonawanda hockey people have shown interest in joining the Wolves Hockey Organization and Board with the intent of taking over management of the Organization.  The Group has shown a firm commitment to the Organization and with the approval from the Tonawanda Rec Dept., as well as support from the Tonawanda Town Board and Council members,  the return of Travel Hockey to the Town of Tonawanda is coming.

This will be a seamless transition as the infrastructure will remain the same.  During the 2024-2025 Season, the Organization will operate as the WNY Wolves for existing teams and as Tonawanda Whalers for any new teams. Eventually, the Organization will be completely under the Tonawanda Whalers name. The joining of the Travel Program with Tonawanda’s 8 and Under Hockey Development and House programs, will make the Organization stronger, as new players and their families participate in the program.

We are excited to have Matthew Lee and Patrick McMahon join our Board.  With the help of these gentlemen, their families and friends, this Hockey Organization will continue the legacy of hockey in our community.       23 years and counting!

Thank you to everyone who are making this transition a smooth one,

John Thur, President

and the Clarence Mustangs/WNY Wolves Board